History Of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that is believed to have come from India several thousand years before christ. In All of History, practice has been adopted by neighboring countries quickly and has been part of many religions throughout the world.

The terminology that is used today “meditate” was not introduced until the 13th century AD, coming from a latin word.

Antique History

The first documented records that mentioned issues concerned with meditation, a Hindu tradition in India, around 1600 BCE. However, historians believe that meditation was practiced before that time, as early as 3000 before christ.

Between 600-500 BC, the development of other forms of meditation has been recorded in China and India, although the exact origins of these practices, especially Buddhist meditation, continue to be debated among historians. The formula for the extension of morality, contemplative focus, knowledge and liberation were meant to concern meditation as a central concept.

The practice of meditation has also spread to other countries in the West, through the Silk Road, to influence people such as jewish people. Later, in AD of the 3rd century, Plotinus developed the meditative techniques, which were not easily connected into the Christian faith.

History Of The Beginnings

A Japanese monk, Dosho, Zen discovered it during a visit to China in 700 and introduced the practice of meditation in Japan on returning to his country, opening the first hall for meditation. The practice developed significantly in Japan from the 9th century AD forward, bringing the practice of meditation with it.

The term “meditate” comes from the word Latin meditatum, which means, “to ponder. Monk Guig introduced this terminology for the first time in the AD.

Mature Ages and Modern History

Throughout the mature ages, the practice of meditation has evolved and developed into many religious traditions as a form of prayer, such as Jewish meditation.

In the 20th century, the ancient teachings of meditation began to become more popular among the population of Western cultures with many online stores like Great Eastern Imports supplying products related to it for wholesale suppliers to open their own stores.

Since the early days, meditation has become increasingly more common, as a study in 2007 found that almost 1 in 10 American people meditated. It plays a central role in many religious traditions and rituals, in addition to helping people manage stress and to improve general well-being.

How to Unclog a Sink Drain Yourself

The other day I was in a bit of a pickle and had to do some plumbing work.  Shout out to all the women, don’t be scared to try this yourself.

When your drain starts to take a little bit longer to finish emptying or you begin to notice water building up around your feet when you take a shower, you know that trouble is brewing in the form of a clog. You may also notice unpleasant smells coming from the drain.

But, you don’t have to call the Drain Surgeon in just yet. You also do not have to resort to using harsh chemicals to clear the drain. Here are simple ways to unclog a drain yourself.

drainOne option that you have is to take a wire hanger straighten it out. Bend one end over to make a hook. Now push that into the drain and be sure to move it around and pull it out along with any of the debris, hair or other junk that has been clogging the drain. Never push it down because you want to pull any of the debris out and not further into the pipes. Once you are done run hot water to fully clear the drain.

Another way you can fix a mild clog is with regular white vinegar and baking soda. Pour some baking soda in the drain and follow it with a good dousing of vinegar. The combination of ingredients will power up into foam and clear away the clog. You also want to follow-up this technique with hot water. If possible, use boiling water which you pour into the drain a little out of time until you are sure the clog has been completely eliminated.

If you own a wet and dry shop vacuum you can even use that. Put the setting on vacuum liquids and create a tight seal over the drain. Then use the hose to pull up as much of the clog as you can.

Getting Stains out of Upholstery

Just some tips for cleaning upholstery as it’s something that I do often and I’m sure a lot of you other moms do as well!

upholsterRemove Grease Stains

If your pure plaid fabric is dotted with grease stains such as (butter, gravy, oil), do not rub it as this may worsen the damage. Sprinkle talcum powder instead and brush vigorously. The excess fat will become coated with talc. You can try this solution over other natural composition of fabrics (linen, cotton …) or use spot blotting paper heated with an iron to do it as well. When heated, the fat will adhere to the blotter. The dirt residue can be removed with soap or dish washing detergent mixed with warm water for added strength.

Restore Whiteness to Your Fabric

The fabric that becomes yellowed with time will regain its whiteness if you add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to your rinse water  (can be purchased in any pharmacy).  A small tip: Hang your laundry outdoors on a full moon day. Most people don’t know that the moon has a bleaching effect stronger than the sun. Be careful though, too long and it can alter the color too much.

Addressing Mold

The curtains and fabric can get traces of mold if there is moisture in the house. To remedy this, consider adding a little ammonia in your rinse water. Regarding musty smell, it will eliminate this if you pre wash your linens in milk or in a mixture of water and boiled milk. Also remember to add a few drops of essential oils of lavender or rosemary and white vinegar during the time in the machine. This can replace an industrial softener believe it or not.

chairTest the Stain Remover

Do not start cleaning until after testing the stain remover on a little place on the rear of the chair or cushion for example.  To do this, use a cloth or a cotton swab on the dampened stain. If you notice bleeding of colors, shrinking, glossing, or loss of holding the fabric, then change removers, or entrust the cleaning of the chair to a professional.

Hire a Professional

When all else fails don’t be afraid to hire a professional.  There are a lot of great upholstery cleaning companies, for example this one lkncarpet.com/upholstery-cleaning/.  A trained professional can get out stains that aren’t possible to on your own, and make your furniture last a lot longer.  If you ask me it’s totally worth it in the long run.


Tips on How to Choose a Good Plumber

Hey guys, I had a plumbing emergency the other night (pipe burst) and wanted to share some tips on how to find a good company as there are a lot of bad ones out there. Between the scams, non-certified companies and shady work, the possibility of ending up with a company that will not meet your needs is quite high. Here are some tips that will help you find a provider that suits you.


The recommendation of a service by someone who has already used it means that it is likely to be good. However, be careful if it is a large corporation and not an local business. Companies can change personnel and change their policies, so it is likely that over time the quality of service will decline.

Some plumbers are part of an approved network that guarantees reliability. They must maintain a strict line of conduct, be respectful and honest. Check out some of the networks closest to you.

If one of your devices is down, for example your tap, ask about the brand (it is almost always indicated on the device) and call the company. Each brand has its normally accredited providers who can come and repair.

Avoid brands that flood your mailboxes, also claiming to solve your problems with a variety of other services. The good companies can also promote their services in this way but this mode of communication is a very bad reputation because of shady companies.

clockThey Meet Their Commitments

They must be able to give you an idea of the cost of the job over the phone for simple inspection and commit to a quote after a visit.

Response time is accurate. A good company will notify you of any delay.


The Plumber doesn’t Immediately Propose to Do a Lot of Extra Work

If you have little plumbing related knowledge, sadly some dishonest plumbing companies will try to take advantage of this. A good plumber should take the time to analyze the problem and find the best solution, which is not necessarily the most expensive.


Reasonably Priced

The total invoice amount must include the travel expenses, the cost of labor and equipment. Cost of travel and a low hourly rate can mask significant margins on hardware.  If you happen to be looking for a plumber in Langley BC then check out the link as they have very reasonable prices.

A good plumber knows the cost of his everyday material and and can accurately assess the cost of the necessary change of equipment. It is true that the hardware can be very expensive. To see if this is really what weighs heavily on your potential bill, ask the provider how it will change the price if you opt for another type of material. For example, if you need to change your faucet, estimate the price for a change to a basic tap. The difference can be huge.


plumbingA Good Plumber Has The Required Equipment

Whatever the scale of the job, the plumber must preserve the aesthetics of the site by always making sure to use the proper tools.


Your Plumber Gives a Quote and an Invoice

The quotation is something that must be done.  It should be clear, detailed and without surprises. Especially if there is an emergency job.


A Good Plumber Does Not Take Advantage of “Difficult Situations”

The times most prone to scams are night or on weekends. A good company will tell you if its price is higher because of the time of your call and ask you if you want to wait until morning or another day.

Take the time to find a trusted company and keep their number handy to contact in case of absolute urgency.

Hopefully these tips will help you to choose a good plumber, and that the search for a lasting serious plumber can be made a little easier.

How To Make Your Baby Sleep Better

I saw this helpful video and just wanted to just elaborate a bit on it with my own experiences.


Swaddling your baby is something that a lot of parents don’t do because their baby has a negative reaction to it.  I remember my daughter did not like this and cried all the time.  In my opinion it is for the best though, as the blanket can come off during the night.  Which we obviously don’t want.  If they are not used to swaddling then make sure to comfort them at the beginning and they will get used to it eventually.


Getting a sound machine is another thing that is highly under rated for comforting a crying baby.  There are many different types that you can check out on amazon or at your local store.  There is debate within the scientific community on whether or not these sound machines actually work or not.  All I can say is that I urge you to do your own research.


Using a Rock N Play is another product which has mixed reviews.  I’ve never used it myself.  Again I urge you guys to do your own research before buying a lot of these products.


Doing a dream feed is a feed that you do around midnight after your baby has been asleep for awhile already.  It may seem counter intuitive to do this but it can help to make your baby less hungry later on.  There is debate on whether to use breast or bottle but using a bottle is fine and allows your baby to have some bonding time with dad.


It’s important to use a structured routine with babies.  It’s been well documented that they thrive on routine and predictability.  This means always having certain times for certain things like naps and feeding.


Hope you enjoyed these tips and as always make sure to do your own research.