How To Make Your Baby Sleep Better

I saw this helpful video and just wanted to just elaborate a bit on it with my own experiences.


Swaddling your baby is something that a lot of parents don’t do because their baby has a negative reaction to it.  I remember my daughter did not like this and cried all the time.  In my opinion it is for the best though, as the blanket can come off during the night.  Which we obviously don’t want.  If they are not used to swaddling then make sure to comfort them at the beginning and they will get used to it eventually.


Getting a sound machine is another thing that is highly under rated for comforting a crying baby.  There are many different types that you can check out on amazon or at your local store.  There is debate within the scientific community on whether or not these sound machines actually work or not.  All I can say is that I urge you to do your own research.


Using a Rock N Play is another product which has mixed reviews.  I’ve never used it myself.  Again I urge you guys to do your own research before buying a lot of these products.


Doing a dream feed is a feed that you do around midnight after your baby has been asleep for awhile already.  It may seem counter intuitive to do this but it can help to make your baby less hungry later on.  There is debate on whether to use breast or bottle but using a bottle is fine and allows your baby to have some bonding time with dad.


It’s important to use a structured routine with babies.  It’s been well documented that they thrive on routine and predictability.  This means always having certain times for certain things like naps and feeding.


Hope you enjoyed these tips and as always make sure to do your own research.